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Venturers (14 -19 yrs)

Our Venturers group is an activity based group for young adults with Mild Learning Difficulties, aged 14-19. It involves regular outings to various locations such as bowling, the cinema, Phasels Wood, the seaside and many more. We always ask our service users to input their ideas for future trips and like to provide plenty of variety. Venturers often use Mencap's minibus or public transport to travel to their activity locations. The group runs from 9:30-3:30 and meets one weekend a month, as well as twice a week on average during school holidays.


New Services 

Independent Living Group 

Our Independent Living Group is running once a week on Tuesday evenings between 5pm - 8pm, for 13-19 year olds. This session will  start as a Buy-Cook-&-Eat session and will develop to focus on other Independent Living Skills, reflecting the interests of the individuals attending.








Woodland Adventure Activities

A stimulating workshop allowing young adults (10-19 years) to explore activities in a safe and fun learning environment, including activities such as den building and nature trails. Activities will run once a month on a Saturday during term time.


Buy-Cook-&-Eat 13-19 years


Buy, Cook & Eat Interest Form
Buy, Cook and Eat Evenings
Woodland Adventure Saturday Club 14-19 years
Buy, Cook and Eat Interest Form Woodland Adventure - Saturday club Interest Form

See Interest Form for Monday evening dates, April - July 2019

Saturday 12th October

Saturday 9th November

Saturday 7th December

Venturers Saturday Clubs


Please contact a manager to request an interest form.

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