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Please find links below to download forms, these links will be made available once official dates have been released via email.

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Our playschemes run during the Easter, Summer and Christmas school holidays and are based in various special schools - Hemel (Collett School/Hobbs Hill Wood School), St Albans (Watling View School/Fleetville Junior School) and Hatfield (Southfield School). We also run our playschemes during the February, May and October half-term holidays.

A day at SNAP starts at 10am and finishes at 3pm.  

Summer Playscheme 2019

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Monday 5th - Friday 9th August

Monday 12th - Friday 16th August

Monday 19th - Friday 23rd August

Tuesday 27th - Friday 30th August


Deadline to apply for dates:

Friday 5th July 2019


Summer 2019 Activity Programmes






St Albans Interest Form Hemel Interest Form Hemel Unders - Week 1 Hemel Unders - Week 2 Hemel Unders - Week 3 Hemel Unders - Week 4 Hemel Overs - Week 1 Hemel Overs - Week 2 Hemel Overs - Week 3 Hemel Overs - Week 4

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St Albans Unders - Week 1 St Albans Unders - Week 2 St Albans Unders - Week 3 St Albans Unders - Week 4 St Albans Overs - Week 1 St Albans Overs - Week 2 St Albans Overs - Week 3 St Albans Overs - Week 4 39752067_1091882204322778_49036006690652160_n Hatfield Interest Form St Albans Interest Form St Albans Unders Hemel Unders Hatfield Unders Hatfield Overs Hemel Overs St Albans Overs