St Albans Mencap Building


Our recreation & activity area has been purposefully designed for clients offering a fully accessible and securely enclosed venue, providing a safe and supportive setting for individuals with a learning disability to develop and reach their full potential.


     Some quotes from the clients who use the St Albans Mencap Building and facilities:


  • “I feel safe, meet my friends, I like doing things; art and craft to hang on the wall and computers”

  • “I like the staff, I like it when we cook, using the Chill-Out room for film club or watching DVDs”

  • “The St Albans Mencap Building is on a bus route and there are spacious rooms. The staff are well trained for my condition, they are sympathetic and supportive. I feel safe”


The facility provides specific activity spaces:


  • Sensory Room - features a bubble tube, optic fibres, comfortable seating, soft music, sensory lighting and a variety of sensory equipment to relax both children and adults.

  • Computer Room - provides up to date online IT equipment allowing individuals to carry out for research projects or the development of computering skills.

  • Chillout Room - provides a "home from home" feel with comfy leather seating, television, dvd’s and playstation. This space allows an individual time to them selves to chill out or a social space for groups to get together.

  • Kitchen  - a specially designed space to allow for individuals and groups to develop their skills in cookery

  • Art Room - provides a fully equipped area to cater for everyone’s artistic requirements.  Recent projects have been candle making, mug design & stained glass windows.

  • Conference Rooms - provide a large seated area for groups to gather for formal and informal discussions


Our facilities are also available for other groups and organisations to utilise.  If this is something you may be interested in, please contact us.